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so they know if it’s time to move up or move out.

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Answer 3 Questions to Learn if You're Sleepwalking or Living Your Dream Life

What I Do

1:1 Coaching

Personalized attention to find and remove any blocks to being even more awesome, than you already are.

Energy Leadership Assessment

The Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities.


Self-paced and group learning resources to help you focus on specific areas of development so you can achieve more.

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You’re at a career crossroads.

Do you move up or move out?

Meet your coach

As long as I can remember I have been able to help women discover the hidden truths about themselves. Seeing the ‘inner fabulous’ is my super power. My heart breaks when I meet women who are fabulous and completely unaware. I act as a ‘mirror’ for my clients so they can show up more powerfully…

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What People Say…

Kelly Langston

Allegra has a keen ability to quickly locate an issue that is holding up a person from their goal. And she has a natural, personable way of bringing out confidence in others.

Tamala Huntley

I promise every time after I talk to you I feel like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound!! :) ♥ ♥

Kathleen Bruno

Allegra was always able to help me sift through the information and find the blocks that were holding me back. Allegra's positive energy, intuitive nature, and ability to get to the heart of the matter make for a magical combination. Her commanding presence and unstoppable sense of humor make it fun. She is a true force of nature!


Figure out whether you’re living your dream life or sleepwalking through it.