I help successful women stop hating Mondays and move toward work that lights them on fire.

Reclaim your work life and get back to enjoying your weekends.

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1:1 Coaching

Comprehensive coaching package to help you reduce stress, feel more confident, and get better results at work and at play.


Power Session

Get the data you need to turn the way you experience the world into a metric that can be measured and improved.


Your Confident Self Podcast

The Your Confident Self Podcast with Allegra Sinclair is like a life coach in your ears! It’s focused on increasing self-confidence and skills to do what you want to do so you can succeed in your life.

A few months into transitioning into a challenging role at a new organization, I realized I needed some help. I have worked with a few life/career coaches over the years, and Allegra is by far the most effective.
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Let’s work one on one


Imagine this–a personalized coaching experience that starts with your big vision, breaks your goals into bite-sized chunks and helps you set and keep the priorities that will move you intentionally toward your vision.

go deep in a

Power Session

In this 90-minute coaching session, you will go deep with Allegra and discover how you’re showing up in the world. Using a research-backed assessment tool you will gain deep insights which you can use to become more effective in everything you do.

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Available free on all podcast platforms, this podcast provides tips and motivation for helping women re-discover their confidence to punch fear in the throat.

Reclaim your Monday and start enjoying your weekends again.


Find out how to stop dreading Mondays in this free guide. Release stress and anxiety and go into Monday feeling powerful and in control.