The Rise of the Powerful Introvert with Chelsey Brooke

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Chelsey Brooke stops by the podcast to tell us about the rise of the powerful introvert. Introverts are often misunderstood and mis-labeled by people who don’t understand the personality type. Often people think introverted women are boring or stuck-up because of the way they show up in the world. Those people couldn’t be more wrong! Powerful introverts are fabulous and this episode outlines how we can shine in the workplace and increase our confidence.

Chelsey is so passionate about introverts because she is one! So her interest in increasing confidence as an introvert came out of her own difficulties. Introverts often feel awkward and out of place in social situations and have anxiety about small talk or being in large groups. And the advice to “get out of your shell, speak up and stop thinking so much” isn’t helpful and doesn’t work.

In this episode we discussed:

  • The strengths of being exactly who you are. Some people can go their whole lives without figuring that out.
  • What’s wrong with the dictionary definition of an introvert?
  • The hurtful labels that people use to describe introverts.
  • Was there an event that helped Chelsey figure out she was different and unique?
  • The ingredients in a confidence milk shake.
  • How to use introversion as an advantage not a weakness.
  • How to be a powerful introvert

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The dictionary is wrong, it says an introvert is a shy, withdrawn person. That’s false, shyness is a social anxiety and introversion is a personality type.

Being an introvert means you get energy from being alone and you work well alone. It doesn’t mean you don’t work well with others, but your strengths are inwardly-focused tasks and activities. Being around others tires you out so you need time alone to recover.

How do Introverts Work Best?

Introverts process and respond to information differently. They need extra time between hearing something, processing it and responding. Extroverts tend to have a short ramp from hearing something to responding. Introverts think about things slower and deeper; they think about other times they’ve heard something similar, how they should respond, how it will be received, etc. This can take a long time and people will wonder why you’re quiet and your face is blank. 🙂

Key Learnings about Introverts

  • As a kid, people are always telling us what to do and who we are. They don’t tell us to find out who we are and be that. This is why we get into relationships or careers we’re not happy in, because we’re not being authentic and we don’t even know what that would be.
  • We’re rarely  encouraged to be who we are and make life and career decisions based on that!
  • Gaining a better understanding of how an introvert brain works will help you be more successful in your career.
  • Learning how to advocate for yourself helps you live a more authentic and confident life.
  • It’s important to peel back all the labels and beliefs that don’t fit. That knowledge is an important piece of becoming a powerful introvert.  Then you can set boundaries and figure out what works for you.
  • Dont’ be afraid to let your kindness, compassion, intuition, and sensitivity show. We have been told that these traits are secondary to logic and boldness but feminine qualities are just as important.

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How Introverted women Can Shine at Work

  1. In large meetings come prepared with some thoughts so that you can contribute early in the meeting, perhaps by asking a great question. This removes anxiety about having to process information too quickly in order to respond thoughtfully.
  2. Communicate the rest of your thoughts after the meeting in writing, after you have finished processing what you heard.
  3. Remember to put your name on anything you create or have a hand in. We often defer and say, “I just did a little bit,” and underestimate our participation. Powerful introverts get credit for their contributions.
  4. We cringe when we have to talk about ourselves and don’t want to be seen as arrogant, Be conversational about your accomplishments. For example, you could say, “I’m working on this specific project right now and we’re doing some really good work, have you ever done anything like that?”

How does introversion affect your beliefs about yourself?

You’re going to have to decide who you are going to be. As we grow up we internalize the idea that we should be extroverted or that we don’t like people. We misunderstand ourselves and don’t see ourselves clearly. We need to uncover strengths that were there all along.

Do you have to connect with your purpose to have a good career? Yes and no. How do you define a great career? Are you basing it on an external things like wealth, status, etc.? If your measurement is internal, like wanting to make a difference or to create something of value, connecting with your purpose is necessary.

To shine in the workplace powerful introverts need 3 things:

  1. Time for silence, schedule time to be uninterrupted.
  2. Clear expectations, a schedule of projects and meetings with timelines and due dates.
  3. The opportunity to participate through observation and written feedback.

Meet Chelsey Brooke

Chelsey BrookeChelsey Brooke is a professional counselor, published writer, blogger, Coach and internationally-known figure helping introverted women live a passionate and purposeful life. As an introvert and INFJ, Chelsey has a personal and professional understanding of what it takes to forge your own path and thrive as an authentic individual, despite the world’s misunderstanding of this unique personality type.

She specializes in helping introverted women uncover their true passion and create a life that’s authentic, inspired, and purposeful.


As an introvert, I love surprising people with how much more there is to me than what first meets the eye. ~ Chelsey Brooke Click to Tweet A key to confidence as an introverted woman is the moment you realize there’s nothing wrong with you. It's so freeing to realize that. ~ Chelsey Brooke Click to Tweet My ability to look at things differently gave me confidence because I learned I could be successful with my gifts without having to work in a large group. ~ Allegra Sinclair Click to Tweet It’s a challenge to dig down deep and find your authentic self. That's our real work. ~ Allegra Sinclair Click to Tweet It takes courage to be kind and compassionate in making difficult decisions. That makes you stronger, not weaker. ~ Chelsey Brooke Click to Tweet There is joy in understanding we’re walking through the world in a unique way, but also in a way that will enable us to connect to others if we will be authentic. Click to Tweet

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